Buying between individuals: the wrong idea

Is it really wise to buy a property without going through an agency? All future owners ask themselves this question at some point. A clarification is necessary.

The advantages of buying between individuals

Buying between individuals can be incredibly quick, even if, like buying through an agency, you have to go through the technical diagnostics required by the regulations (the “technical diagnostic file” provided for by the Building Code) and go before a notary

. There are no agency fees when buying from a private individual. The seller can therefore offer a more attractive price. However, in practice, the price asked by a private individual is often inflated compared to the price that a real estate professional would have set. As a result, the price of a property is generally not more attractive without going through an agency.

The risks of buying between individuals vs. the guarantees of an estate agency

Going through an agency saves time

 It is not up to the buyer to spend hours on the internet or to travel hundreds of kilometres to select the right property, as all the prospecting and information gathering has already been done in an agency. A professional will also offer an objective view of the property. It is in his interest that nothing can be blamed on him afterwards. The private individual will rarely be able to present his property in a rational way, and will naturally be in a hurry to sell.

One can be lucky and find the right property on the internet without any problems. The risks of complications are nevertheless real. They come at a cost in terms of stress and time, and can also affect the wallet.