Focus on real estate credit

Buying a property requires a good amount of money. Of course, not everyone has sufficient savings to undertake such a project. Even bequests are not always equal to the planned investment. And sometimes funding such as crowdfunding is not enough either. This is where the mortgage comes in.

What can be financed with a mortgage?

By definition, this type of loan is primarily aimed at individuals wishing to purchase their own home. However, professionals can also apply for a loan to buy offices, commercial premises, warehouses and any other property that contributes to the development of the business.

Advice on borrowing wisely

The golden rule is to assess your borrowing capacity, i.e. your ability to meet the monthly payments to which the loan commits you. A solid file is also necessary. You should bring along supporting documents relating to your personal situation, your income, the equity you have at your disposal, etc. The assistance of a real estate professional will be invaluable in finding a property that can be financed with the credit that will be allocated to you.


With a mortgage, you can become a homeowner and fully enjoy the property you buy. This system is perfect for buying a primary residence, business premises or for rental investments.