If you are a property investor, use a specialist accountant

Real estate is undoubtedly one of the best areas for investment. However, the return on the funds invested requires in-depth knowledge.

The investment process also requires knowledge of the regulations applicable to each investor profile. The skills of a chartered accountant specializing in real estate enable him to offer you the appropriate assistance.
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Real estate investor: when should you call on the services of a specialist accountant?

Furnished rentals are very successful in a context where the tenants have the essentials at their disposal as soon as they arrive. However, your obligations will depend on the way in which you offer your property for rent and the duration of the leases.

Renting out furnished accommodation on a year-round basis

This formula involves drawing up a lease for a minimum of 12 months, whether you decide to rent as a professional or not. A tacit renewal for 12 months is applicable. If the tenant is a student, the lease can be reduced to 9 months, without tacit renewal.

As far as taxation is concerned, you can choose between the micro-BIC and the simplified real estate regime, with different tax rates depending on the option chosen. It is obvious that a chartered accountant will be well-placed to help you make the right choices. If necessary, LM Partenaire, a firm of chartered accountants specializing in property investors, is at your disposal to help you with your year-round furnished rental project. Do not hesitate to contact them.

You rent a furnished property on a seasonal basis

We speak of seasonal rental when the accommodation is only available for holiday rental, the period must be short (less than 3 months). The contact between the landlord and the tenant can be made through different channels such as concierge services and estate agents.

Renting between individuals is also possible, particularly via online platforms such as Airbnb. The Alur law provides a framework for this approach. Here too, the simplified real estate regime and the micro-BIC are your main tax options. Get advice from a chartered accountant who will prioritize simplicity or tax optimization depending on your situation.

You rent a furnished tourist home

The tourist residence is an excellent alternative to hotels in that it welcomes travellers in a ready-to-live-in environment, with space for cooking. More intimate but offering more independence, this type of accommodation offers similar services to traditional hotels, including maintenance, provision of linen, catering services, etc

Furnished tourist accommodation offers numerous tax exemption options, but to take full advantage of them, it is essential to identify the eligible elements and the compatible schemes. As you will have understood, calling on the services of a chartered accountant will enable you to comply with the legal framework while reducing the amount of tax you pay.

Choose to be assisted by a firm of chartered accountants specializing in your field

Furnished properties can be subject to tax audits. The accountant will look at all the documents relating to the audit to identify any room for manoeuvre. It is obviously wiser to contact him beforehand so that he can monitor your accounting and tax files on a regular basis and thus save you a lot of trouble.

You should also be aware that the chartered accountant is a multidisciplinary professional. Of course, he or she can manage your day-to-day accounting, declare your income and pay your taxes regularly. But he is also a wise advisor who helps you understand what the changing regulations mean for your business. He knows perfectly well the particularities of your status and adapts his support to your needs.

Calling on a firm of chartered accountants is therefore a solution that guarantees your peace of mind throughout the life of your investment. You will be advised before the project begins, you will be accompanied during the rental period and during the rental holiday periods. You also benefit from assistance in the overall management of your assets, which is not limited to real estate.

Investing in real estate is a reliable source of income, but it is still vulnerable to certain difficulties. In order to protect yourself from the pitfalls, particularly those caused by changes in legislation, it is in your interest to seek the support of a chartered accountant who specializes in property investments. His perfect understanding of the sector enables him to offer you complete assistance.