Office rental Aubagne

Aubagne is a town that has benefited greatly from the development of its region to increase its activity and become an attractive place for businesses. Perhaps this town in the Aix Marseille Provence Metropolis is the place where you have decided to open premises for your business? So, if you are thinking of setting up in Aubagne in the near future, here is some information that may be useful to you in order to make the right choices.

Why choose to rent offices in Aubagne?

Presentation of the town of Aubagne

The town of Aubagne is located in the Bouches-du-Rhône department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of south-eastern France, very close to Marseille. Its climate is Mediterranean with hot summers. With a current population of more than 45,000, it is the fifth-largest town in its department.

Built in the Middle Ages (with the first remains dating back to 1500), it was a fortified town from the 14th century onwards. Historically, its economy is strongly linked to pottery, tile-making and ceramics, which developed at the same time, thanks to the discovery of clay deposits. Two academics were born in Aubagne, including the very famous Marcel Pagnol.

Main places of interest in Aubagne

The main places of interest in Aubagne are its many ancient monuments, particularly in the Historic Center, such as the Church of Saint-Sauveur, the Chapel of the Black Penitents and the Chapel of the White Penitents. Another emblematic vestige, the Porte Gachiou and the old ramparts, give a clear vision of the medieval past of the town. Two museums are dedicated to Marcel Pagnol, who is Aubagne’s most famous personality.

At the Petit Monde de Marcel Pagnol, the characters from the novels are represented in the santon-making tradition. You can also immerse yourself in the life of the author at the Birthplace de Marcel Pagnol. Other memories are kept in the museum of the Foreign Legion Remembrance, this time of a military nature. The largest theatre in the city is the Italian-style Théâtre Comœdia, which can hold up to 500 people. It is also possible to go for a nice walk on the Place du Maréchal Foch and on the Cours Voltaire in the historical centre.

Office rental Aubagne: in which areas should you locate?

City Centre

Aubagne’s town centre, which will be renovated in 2019, is dynamic and busy. It has all the amenities nearby. For example, it is perfectly suited to a commercial activity in the service sector.


One of the most sought-after districts in Aubagne, Baudinard is home to restaurants, shops and green spaces. It is a pleasant place to live, and its population has a high income and a higher average age. This quiet neighbourhood has health, education and transport facilities. It is an ideal location for a company employing executives or targeting a wealthy clientele to set up its offices.


More out of the way, this urban district is lively. It has shops, education and transport facilities nearby. There are a number of industrial premises and warehouses as it is home to an industrial zone (Z.I. Les Paluds).


The Pin-Vert district of Aubagne is a quiet area with a younger average age and relatively moderate income. Mostly residential, it is home to local shops and housing estates. It is home to offices, shops and services.

Le Charrel

In this fairly quiet, young residential area, the population has a relatively modest income, but there are many childcare facilities. This can be an advantage for companies employing young adults.

What type of office space should I choose to rent in Aubagne?

Office space in a business centre

In a business centre, the lease is flexible. The centre has equipped spaces that can accommodate companies of all sizes. All the prices of the services are clearly set out, which allows the company to better control its real estate budget. However, the premises are not customizable, which can be destabilizing for a small company, and rents are higher. In addition, capacity may be limited.

Coworking space/flexible offices

Coworking spaces and flexible offices offer more possibilities to their tenants than a traditional lease. Above all, it helps to avoid isolation when the activity is liberal or freelance. It is also perfect for breaking the ice and expanding your network thanks to its effervescent atmosphere. However, it is only suitable for entrepreneurs with a dematerialized, non-confidential and non-innovative activity.

Business incubators/incubators

Incubators and incubators offer an all-inclusive service to entrepreneurs. Management support is also available, as well as all the information needed to start a business. Renting is flexible and advantageous. However, access to these structures is selective and only very small companies with innovative projects have a chance of being retained.

Professional or commercial premises

Commercial premises have a commercial lease which allows a commercial activity to be carried out within them. It gives permission to operate a business. This is the best solution for workshops, offices, shops or warehouses. It is also possible to opt for this solution when the tenant company carries out a liberal activity. If you are looking to rent an office in Aubagne, please contact Loco Pro Immo who will be able to advise you.

Industrial premises

Industrial premises are places where manufacturing or transformation activities are carried out. It is therefore heavily equipped with equipment, tools and technical facilities. Ideally, it is located in an Industrial Zone (Z.I.) or a business park on the outskirts of a town. Rents are therefore lower. The space they offer allows you to organize your storage in the way you want it. Their location near major roads also makes it easier to transport goods.

Aubagne is a town of medieval origin that has remained close to its Mediterranean roots. The town that saw the birth of Marcel Pagnol is strongly anchored in its Provençal tradition, as shown for example by its excellence in the manufacture of santons. More generally, the work of clay has provided the town with a stable income for many centuries.

Today, it is a modern city that benefits from the attractiveness of Marseille and attracts businesses. It is wise to rent premises in several districts, from the city centre to the Paluds and Baudinard. All types of commercial premises are available. To find out more, a search among our offers will allow you to discover the properties currently available for rent for businesses in Aubagne as well as in all the Bouche Du Rhône.