real estate cannes

Luxury real estate Cannes

Luxury real estate is a field where the choice of an acquisition or a property to rent is guided by requirements, especially on French Riviera (Nice, Eze, Mougins, Monaco…). It is therefore important to use the services of a good estate agency to carry out the search and all the transactions. Here are some criteria […]

immobilier eze

Luxury real estate in Eze

High-end real estate logically goes hand in hand with high prices. This is why it is necessary to be accompanied by an agency that masters the workings of the sector. If you live in Eze or if your project is oriented towards this charming village, here’s how to find the team that will provide you […]

statut loueur meuble professionnel

All about the professional furnished landlord

Real estate investors have the choice between two statuses. While the majority of owners opt for the LMNP status (non-professional furnished renter), the LMP status (professional furnished renter) offers a particularly attractive range of advantages. However, it is essential to understand what such a status entails before determining whether it is indeed the right one […]

location bureau aubagne

Office rental Aubagne

Aubagne is a town that has benefited greatly from the development of its region to increase its activity and become an attractive place for businesses. Perhaps this town in the Aix Marseille Provence Metropolis is the place where you have decided to open premises for your business? So, if you are thinking of setting up […]

location maison athene

On holiday in Athens? Opt for house rental

Athens is a must for anyone visiting Greece. Many tourists, however, only make a short stop here before sailing to the Aegean islands. Nevertheless, this great European capital is full of archaeological and cultural treasures and represents the quintessence of the Greek soul. Like Rome, it is said: “If you want to live in Athens, […]