Real estate investment: what are the tasks of your accountant?

If you want to invest in real estate, a chartered accountant is one of the professionals you should contact to help you implement your project.

This accounting specialist will play a vital role, whether at the start of your business or during its lifetime. Find out more about the tasks of a chartered accountant in the field of real estate investment.

Registration with the Registry of the competent Commercial Court

A chartered accountant is a multidisciplinary professional with the necessary knowledge to provide you with the assistance you need to set up your business in the real estate sector. To this end, he or she will take the necessary steps to register your company with the Registry of the competent Commercial Court.

He will take care of gathering all the documents required to register your real estate company and formalize its existence as a legal entity. His expertise and his mastery of the workings of the business enable him to compile a file with all the supporting documents required by the texts in force in the field of property investments. In short, a chartered accountant is a credible partner who will be at your side throughout the process of declaring your activity.

VAT declaration

If your real estate business is subject to VAT, your accountant will take care of the VAT declaration. For investments in real estate such as residences offering hotel-like services, you will be subject to value added tax.

One of the tasks that you can entrust to this specialist is to take full responsibility for the filing of VAT options. He will also take care of the preparation of VAT returns. It may happen that you have to make VAT refunds in the course of your dealings with clients. In such a case, this accounting expert is equipped to deal with the various refund requests with the greatest efficiency. If you are looking for a specialist in real estate accounting, LM partenaire will be of great help to you.

Annual tax returns

One of the main tasks of a chartered accountant in the context of your real estate investment activities is to take care of the entire accounting management. To this end, he will make all the annual tax declarations arising from the management of your business’s accounts.

This specialist will present the annual accounts in strict compliance with the standards set by the Order of Chartered Accountants. He works with the greatest rigour and makes the entries in accordance with the economic realities of the activity that you carry out in the real estate field. The tax declarations made annually by the chartered accountant who assists you may concern VAT or BIC.

Transmission to the tax authorities

The role of a chartered accountant is not limited to producing the various accounting documents and filling in the tax forms correctly.

One of the tasks of this specialist is to submit the various accounting and tax documents to the tax authorities. In concrete terms, this means taking charge of sending all the elements of the balance sheet to the authorities. This is the case, for example, for the remote transmission of the tax return to the relevant department.

His know-how and experience enable him to effectively coordinate the relevant mechanisms such as the Tax and Accounting Data Transfer system. The chartered accountant is therefore an ally of choice to ensure that the 2033 and 2031 declarations as well as the appendices related to the operation of your business are properly completed. In the same vein, he is a qualified professional to carry out the various tasks involved in the annual communication of accounting and tax information.

Accounting follow-up throughout the year and telephone assistance

The keeping and monitoring of accounts are part of the skills of a chartered accountant. In this role, this specialist performs a set of tasks consisting of making available to you all the documents and information that describe the real financial situation of your company.

To do this, he or she has in-depth knowledge of how to produce the journals, ledgers and balances that your business may require at the end of the financial year. He also carries out the computer entry of the various accounting documents during the year. Better still, he offers remote and telephone assistance.

The chartered accountant can be called upon at any time to respond to the concerns of his clients in case of emergency. This is particularly advantageous in the event of a tax audit, for example. He will be able to provide appropriate explanations to the auditors if necessary.

When it comes to your real estate investments, a chartered accountant is a professional who gives you the peace of mind you need to run your business efficiently. The sound advice he or she gives you on an ongoing basis ensures that your business runs smoothly at all levels. Calling on such a specialist for your investments is a guarantee of reliability in terms of the accounting and tax documents drawn up.