Tips for increasing the value of your property

You want to sell your property, and therefore get the best price for it! So, a quick look at what you can do to increase its value is in order.

This does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money. Some actions are just a matter of common sense. Cleaning and de-cluttering your property is a must. To tempt potential buyers, your house should be spotless. Think also about persistent odours, which will have to be eliminated: pet odours, cigarette smells… If necessary, hiring the services of a cleaning lady for a few hours (many websites offer this and the price of the services generally gives rise to a small tax deduction) can be very relevant.

Next, or even before, you need to remove all excess objects and furniture that are cumbersome or out of fashion, too typical, or poorly made, in order to give an impression of space, and so that the buyer can imagine living in your property. Do not hesitate to remove some decorations, and even lighten the shelves of the cupboards. All of this can be stored temporarily in a few boxes, and stored at a friend’s house… Buyers will always appreciate having ample storage space.

Some small renovation jobs can be done easily, either by yourself or by a handyman friend. In the house or flat, a quick coat of white on the walls can save the day. Always choose neutral, classic and light colours, which will appeal to most people and give a clean and spacious impression.

Investing in new curtains, which will let in more light, is also a good idea. In the main rooms (living room, dining room), it is essential that the lighting is efficient: better bulbs and brighter chandeliers are a must. Also check the quality of the switches and sockets, their good working order, and do not hesitate to replace them. Sometimes door handles or taps also need to be replaced.

If you have a garden, you should of course clear it of weeds and anything else that might make it look dirty or neglected (piles of boards, tools piled up in a corner, etc.). Add a few flowerbeds, some potted plants and, why not, a few solar lights, which will brighten up the place.

Other possible actions to increase the value of your property will require more costs. It is up to you to decide whether it is worth it. Most of the time, you can take recent purchases with you… Floors, on the other hand, cannot be taken with you, yet they must be spotless to receive your visitors. So, if you must, change the old carpet in one or two rooms… Don’t forget that most buyers prefer wooden floors. The kitchen is certainly the key room when a buyer visits. It should not look old-fashioned: you may need to invest in a new oven or cabinets.

It may be appropriate to knock out a non-load-bearing wall or partition to give a more spacious and modern feel. And finally, to make your home bigger, consider converting the attic if there is one.